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Ooh! Review Awards - Paultons Park, if only all theme/amusement parks were like you. - May 2018 - Platinum Award

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Platinum Award
Paultons Park, if only all theme/amusement parks were like you.
May 2018

Paultons Park, if only all theme/amusement parks were like you.

Admittedly, being from the Midlands, I hadn’t heard of them before, but after several years of being badgered by my little girls, I finally relented and agreed to a two day binge of Peppa Pig World.

On arrival I was surprised that Peppa Pig World wasn’t a park in it’s own right, but a themed area of Paulton Park (much like Thomas Land is to Drayton Manor Park), and interestingly, even though there was some advertising alluring to the dreaded Peppa Pig (my longtime arch-nemesis), mainly Paulton Parks were proud to be a park in their own right (and so they should).

Luckily, we’d arrived on a quiet, sunny day, just outside school term, so it wasn’t too busy.

On entering through the turnstiles we were greeted by a very jolly and pleasant older man with a fabulous hipster style beard who genuinely seemed to love his job (which interestingly I found was common amongst most employees within the park, even the younger employees, so kudos to whomever’s training them in customer service).

The next thing I noticed was how clean and well laid out the park was, and this was apparent through the whole visit. I’m not even sure how to explain it, but it was if they’d hired ‘the’ magician of park design, with all the various areas of the park catering for everyone, and looking great at the same time.

Peppa Pig World was tucked away in one of the corners of the park, and even though (as you can see) I loath the pink little porker, they’d done an excellent job of recreating the experience for all of the children with various themed rides from the cartoon series including George’s Dinosaur Adventure, Daddy Pig’s Car Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Little Train, Windy Castle Ride, and much more; in all honesty (and not something I’d admit to the guys down the pub) even I had a great time enjoying the rides with my children.

For those of you that fancy something a little more adventurous, Paulton Park also has the usual fare of adult thrill rides, of which when I was there, had literally no queues (probably helped by the fact that the park’s very weighted toward young children) including the Velociraptor, The Flight of the Pterosaur (there’s also a great Dinosaur theme running through the park), The Cobra, Magma and The Edge and others.

One last item of note, if you do go along to the park and notice the main eatery’s menu looks a bit on the expensive side, please don’t be fooled like I initially was, the food isn’t what you’d usually expect of a theme park, they’re actually very good, substantial, ‘proper’ meals, delivered on quality crockery. My wife ordered a fabulous curry and I had a large jacket potato, but I could see from everyone else’s meals that you couldn’t really go wrong with any selection.

So in all, we really have no other choice but to give Paultons Park our highest accolade, a Platinum Ooh! Review Award for Family Entertainment. If you’re reading this, well done, you’ve really deserved it and your staff have done you proud.

Reviewed by Stephen E. - Ooh! Review Awards Team

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