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Ooh! Review Awards - Rudy's Pizza - Birmingham - Restaurant - Jul 2019 - Platinum Award

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Platinum Award
Rudy's Pizza - Birmingham
Jul 2019

Rudy's are all about the Pizza - and when their pizza is this good why wouldn't they be!?

Ooh! Review was lucky enough to experience Rudy's newest restaurant in Birmingham this weekend (with a few of the smaller family members along for the ride) and we haven't stopped dreaming about that fresh, floppy dough ever since!

For starters we all dived in to one of the sharing platters, which was incredibly tasty and beautifully presented, as well as some simple but delicious olives and crisps. For the main event we ordered a few different Pizzas to try and although we would love to be able to help you out with a recommendation here, we just can't agree on which one was best! The dough (yes we're talking about the dough again) is JUST.SO.GOOD, the tomato sauce is mouth-wateringly authentic and the toppings are fresh and plentiful. If you've never had a white pizza before then Rudy's is definitely the place to do it. (Hint; if you're imagining béchamel sauce right now you're wrong.) Intrigued? Go find out! Don't leave without having dessert though - the Affogato rivals any in Italy thanks to the delectable Ginger's Comfort Emporium ice cream.

The restaurant itself is understated and casual, a few different types of seating, exposed ceilings, chalk board specials and loads of space, all surrounding an open kitchen and huge pizza oven. The smell of the freshly prepared (and double fermented) pizza dough is incredible, while the staff are attentive and very happy (we know - crazy right) and everything is topped off by an inspired choice of music - we don't know what it was but we loved it. Vegans and vegetarians have plenty to choose from here and the pricing is a nice surprise: Make the right choices and you can easily have a pizza and a beer for just £10.

Rudy's is relaxed dining at its very best. The much anticipated Bennet's Hill restaurant opens it's doors to the public on the 22nd of July, you can't book a table so get yourself down there fast - you'll be so glad you did!

Reviewed by Rachael E. - Ooh! Review Awards Team

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