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Ooh! Review Awards - SKIP HOP - Zoo Kids Rolling Luggage - Jun 2019 - Gold Award

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Gold Award
SKIP HOP - Zoo Kids Rolling Luggage
Jun 2019

Every kid wants their own holiday luggage and there are plenty to choose from. As well as the mind boggling range of designs, quality, price and features on the market, we also have to deal with the inevitable disconnect between what parents consider to be suitable vs what the kids want to be seen with.

So it is with much gratitude that we say thank you SKIPHOP for providing us with the answer!

SKIPHOP kids rolling luggage is both good looking and functional. There are several gorgeous designs to choose from suitable for girls, boys, younger and older kids alike and the bright colours are handy for keeping an eye on your little ones whilst elbowing your way through the airport. A multitude of handy pockets and two distinct compartments make packing precious belongings a breeze plus the overall size is ideal, being big enough for everything you need whilst not pushing the boundaries of hand luggage measurements to the point where mum is having to shoulder barge it into the overhead locker. The wheels (as well as being infinitely practical) make the kids feel a bit more grown up and provide an element of fun without being too crazy (luggage that's also a scooter - we're talking to you!)

SKIPHOP rolling luggage was brought to our attention by the children of one of our members of staff, who were asked to nominate a product or service that they had come across over the May half term. So in addition to all of the above we can confidently report that this product absolutely can survive a pretty intense family holiday with no tears, lost wheels or broken zips!

Well done SKIP HOP!

Reviewed by Rachael E. - Ooh! Review Awards Team

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