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Ooh! Review Blog - How To Convert An Unhappy Customer Into A Loyal Customer - 16th October 2018

How To Convert An Unhappy Customer Into A Loyal Customer

Nobody likes losing customers; history is littered with businesses which have lost huge numbers of them at short notice, and faced serious difficulties as a result. Here we’ll give you some tips on how to turn disaffected patrons into loyal promoters of your brand who will generate more sales for your business.

Don’t Blame The Customer If They Make A Mistake

As the old saying goes, ‘the customer is always right.’ Occasionally, an individual might contact you angrily about an issue which they themselves have misinterpreted. An example could be if you were offering a discount based on certain conditions, which has since changed or expired. If this happens, it is vital that you respond calmly, magnanimously and in a way which makes them feel as though you value their order as much as any other. Responding to such a situation by getting defensive and criticising them for failing to read the small print will almost certainly result in them giving you no further business or referrals.

Accept Honest Feedback From Your Customers, Suppliers and Partners

No company is perfect. We are all adjusting as colossal advancements in technology are forcing even the most established business models to adapt to an unprecedented commercial environment and rapidly expand their client offerings. By inviting customers to give honest feedback about their experience, you can easily identify the areas which require improvement and act swiftly to bring much-needed changes into practice. Providing your clientele with a platform through which they can openly and frankly express their opinions, without fear of repercussions, will enable you to learn more about your business than you could from the most expensive management consultants.

If You Make A Mistake - Admit It

Everybody makes mistakes. If you are honest with your customers - along with your stakeholders - about any blunders or oversights and seek to rectify them immediately, you will earn their respect and trust. By contrast, if you try to sweep any wrongdoing under the rug and leave it to become a larger crises, you will look like a soulless, money-grabbing, corporate monster. Which character would you rather do business with?

Incentivise Your Customers With Bespoke Vouchers

How would you react if your favourite restaurant, knowing you had an infamous sweet tooth, gave you a voucher entitling you to a month’s worth of free desserts with every meal? You would probably go there every day and bring your friends. This is why bespoke vouchers are crucial for boosting your business. In case you were wondering, yes they are equally effective in different sectors.

How Do I Have Time To Do All Of This As A Business Owner?

Obviously doing all of this yourself would be horribly time-consuming and would likely detract from your other business operations. This is why we created Ooh! Review, which provides a platform for you to receive vital and honest feedback , anonymously and in private, so that your reputation will be protected at all times. Ooh! Review also enables you to create bespoke vouchers at the touch of a button, so that you can meticulously plan a charm-offensive to win back unhappy customers. Better still, you can access Ooh! Review’s site directly from your phone, without having to download yet another needy app which takes up all of your phone’s internal memory and demands excessive privacy permissions. We don’t need to see your holiday photos to deliver you value-adding customer feedback.