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Ooh! Review Blog - Free users now have access to PAYG email marketing campaigns - 21st June 2017

Free users now have access to PAYG email marketing campaigns

Free users of the system can now contact all of their customers/consumers that have fed back via their Ooh! Review customer feedback surveys through our integrated drag-and-drop, mass marketing emailer. The email platform is very easy to use and is run on a low cost, value based, pay as you go (PAYG) system, utilising the Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), allowing clients to send out their mass marketing emails from their own domain name (and not appended by

Additionally, we have built in the functionality for clients to securely (and privately to them only) upload their own contact databases to add to their Ooh! Review mass email marketing campaigns.

Not only does the system allow clients to filter contacts by demographic profile but it also provides (1) the ability to maintain contact with their users who have fed back to them (as under any other system anonymous submitters cannot be recontacted as the technology has never existed in this form) and (2) provides the facility to add any of vouchers/coupons/competitions or other incentives created on the Ooh! Review incentive & reward platform to their email messages.