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Ooh! Review Blog - Review Tab & Embed Review Feature - 19th October 2017

Review Tab & Embed Review Feature

We’re pleased to announce that Ooh! Review business users can now easily manage, select and embed - with a simple line of provided code - and show-off any of the reviews and comments they receive from their customers into their website; and be able to update and/or add to these with ease.

The full embed functionality can be found in the, “Promote Survey” section of your account and has two components. The first allows you to embed your survey onto your website via a simple feedback tab (see below), so customers can submit a review without ever leaving your page - and it’s completely free to all users. The embedded link will present itself as a discrete tab on your webpage (which can be assigned to any or all pages), and can be positioned according to your preference.

The additional option allows you to embed your feedback, letting you highlight what others are saying about your business - you can select which reviews to show (and which you’d rather keep private) by entering the ID of those you like. You can even drill-down and choose which parts/paragraphs of the review to display.

The appearance of your embedded reviews can easily be altered on the fly to match your website design and colour palette; you can edit the background colour, text colour, font size, font type, star colour and star size.

The embed functionality is easy to use and takes less than a minute to set-up. All you have to do is select your ideal theming options and then copy and paste the line of code into your website. Not only will it will help spread awareness of your Ooh! Review survey, but by highlighting and advertising your customer’s praise, it will instill confidence and convert any new visitors, thus increasing your customer base and revenues; usually a very expensive (and far less useful) widget from the other providers in the market.

Start now, get your survey, embed the feedback tab onto your website, advertise it to your customers, and then start embedding all your great reviews!