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Ooh! Review Awards - Craftworks Street Kitchen brings DJ Flavour to your taste buds - Restaurant - Oct 2018 - Gold Award

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Gold Award
Craftworks Street Kitchen brings DJ Flavour to your taste buds
Oct 2018

Somewhere, deep-down in our taste buds, there will always be the special collage that the tasty textures of Craftworks Kitchen’s beautiful buttermilk fried chicken left behind.

Many restaurants serve chicken. Craftworks’ delicious dish however is in a league of its own and simply nothing can compare. The atmosphere inside their restaurant is equally fantastic. The classic hip-hop pumping out of their speakers allows customers to enjoy peri-peri spice while reminiscing over the tunes which spiced up their teenage years. Despite its embrace of global street culture, Craftworks Kitchen commits to sourcing as many of their ingredients as possible from local producers, based in-and-around Cornwall.

If you can only spend an afternoon in Cornwall, spend it trying every dish on Craftworks’ menu. They also serve decadent, dream fulfilling burgers and extremely large kids’ portions. Mum and Dad might have to make room for extra succently sauced and sourced dishes, so that none of this mouth-watering food goes to waste.

Craftworks Kitchen turns street food into an art form. The Ooh! Review team strongly advises you to experience Craftworks and is delighted to give them a Gold Award.