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A universal, fully integrated, free, customer satisfaction platform for businesses of all types & sizes.

Get a branded, unlimited response, customer feedback survey live in under 2 mins.

Save 1000s in market research fees.

Get real customer insight & feedback through anonymous engagement (including 2-way anonymous messaging).

Increase responses through the integrated incentive platform (create trackable vouchers & prize draws).

Anonymous feedback & messaging

Every review is tied into our anonymous messaging platform which provides the facility for customers to leave 'real, no-holds-barred' reviews without the worry of being individually identified by the business whilst at the same time providing an opportunity for the business to respond to the reviewer and encourage an active dialogue to truly understand their opinion.

Reward/incentive platform

The built-in reward/incentive platform allows businesses to create vouchers/coupons/competition/prize draws on the fly which can be used to actively encourage customers to review your business to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, or to placate/compensate unhappy customers, providing businesses with that all important last chance opportunity.

Simple programmable workflow

The systems provides for an easy to use programmable workflow to instruct the system to execute certain actions under certain conditions upon receiving a review, including sending automatic custom messages and/or rewards to the reviewer depending on the type or level of review given.

Business-targeted satisfaction surveys

Each survey is specifically targeted to an industry and business and/or service/product type, ensuring a perfect customer review survey is created on the fly instantly for your business. In the unlikely event a survey has not already been created for your business or service/product type the Ooh! Review team will create one within hours of it being added to the system.

Responsive, fully mobile surveys

All our customer feedback surveys (including backend administration functions) are fully responsive and based on a mobile first architecture ensuring that they will work on any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, TV’s and more, ensuring the system can be used anytime, anywhere.

Fast, easy & reliable

With an auto scalable server architecture, data redundancy and automated backups, Ooh! Review not only ensures we serve you and your customers with lightening quick page loads, but also ensures your data and configurations are safe and fully recoverable.

Exceptional value

Because Ooh! Review is a universal feedback system and has been created to allow everyone to have easy access to market research & customer insight, the core of the platform is free to use. Enterprise businesses with more exacting requirements, can and do take advantage of the low cost enterprise version of the platform (which is also available for free for a 12 month period).

Cloud based distributed architecture

Our infrastructure utilises multiple, global, edge based locations and scalable web servers to handle any amount of traffic, ensuring the site’s performance is never compromised regardless of the amount of users that may access your survey.

Highly secure - 256 SSL encryption

Ooh! Review uses cutting-edge encryption and your security is our number one priority. To this end the site is housed on the highest level AWS (Amazon) secure servers, utilising a hybrid system that employs the best features of both symmetric and asymmetric 2048-bit encryption to protect & secure your data. In addition, we are a member of and adhere to the strict rules of the UK Data Protection Act 1998 governed by the Information Commissioner’s Office. Registration number ZA264731.

Universal feedback

With the facility to add multiple business locations and/or product based surveys (including international locations/products), it means you can gather customer feedback across your whole business, including the facility to drill down, compare and analyse the data across all locations/products.

World class knowledge built-in

As a sister company of MRFGR.com (a major, UK based, international market research agency), oohreview.com has been built by - and is operated by - market researchers, ensuring the survey system is the best in class. As such, any specific customer requirements/requests can therefore be dealt with immediately by our team of customer satisfaction and market research experts.

Granular access control & data analytics

The platform allows administrators to setup granular user access control, ensuring the right information - both graphical insight and raw data - is available to the right people, meaning stakeholders, senior management and other executive positions can quickly and easily understand and compare their business remits both in terms of past and real time performance, providing for insightful decision making.

Ooh! Review - in a nutshell

Ooh! Review is a free, fully integrated, customer feedback, satisfaction & marketing platform, like no other out there.

It has been developed to bring market research to the forefront of business - regardless of business type or size - allowing service & production based businesses to gather customer feedback, insight and intelligence through a branded, enticing, responsive survey, quickly, easily and - most importantly - privately; all for free.
The main drivers behind the platform are to:

(1) provide service based businesses the opportunity to listen to, and learn from their customers in a private framework - away from the plethora of public review sites;


(2) equip manufacturers & producers with the ability to advertise and receive consumer feedback right off the backs of their products, whilst simultaneously - which has been previously unavailable to them - amassing their end consumers’ contact details;

all under the cloak of anonymity to encourage - previously unattainable - real, honest, feedback.

Additional attributes include:

- A substantial increase (and enhancement) in customer/consumer feedback.

- 2-way anonymous messaging to follow up on comments and thus gain a greater understanding of customer feedback.

- ORM (Online Reputation Management) - acting as an important buffer between possible negative reviews and the plethora of public review forums (TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, Etc).

- A last chance opportunity to turnaround a negative review and bring the customer back into the business.

- The ability to immediately identify business or product related issues before they cause notable damage.

- The tools to incentivise/reward/compensate/placate customers/consumers through the in-built voucher/coupon/competition/prize-draw platform.

- The facility to manage, selectively filter & publish reviews to the business’s website (or use in print collateral) to attract and reassure new customers.

- Significant print, marketing & digital collateral to advertise the customer feedback survey and the businesses’ interest in their customers’/consumers’ comments & opinion, including Ooh! Review logo & social icons, mini-business-cards, stickers, QR codes and dedicated survey URLs.

- The ability to draw customers back into the business through its integrated mass-marketing emailer (providing the opportunity to advertise any offers or competitions created).

Why was Ooh! Review developed?

Let’s face it, customers are now more savvy than ever, with the proliferation of customer service based television programming, easy access to mobile internet, and the knowledge their comments can hurt (as well as help), the everyday consumer now wants to be heard and can quickly and easily advertise - in many cases to the detriment of the business - their opinion to millions of people within seconds of publishing their comments via the plethora of public consumption review sites, forums and/or social media outlets (we all know who you are!). Consequently, regardless of how successful a business might be, a disgruntled or vindictive individual (or even an underhanded competitor) now has considerable power to damage a company’s reputation and detract existing and prospective customers, ultimately impacting their revenues.

Ooh! Review was developed to help combat such issues by keeping reviews private to the business and away from the public forum, ultimately helping companies learn about their shortcomings, capitalise on their strengths, whilst at the same time utilising a very effective marketing platform; all without penalty.

Encouraging ‘internal’ reviews & return visits/purchases - the incentive/reward platform

With our proprietary incentive/reward platform, customers can be encouraged to review your business or product via the Ooh! Review platform through the promise of a reward. Through an easy-to-use programmable interface, businesses can easily advertise and attach any type of reward to one of their customer surveys, be it a discount voucher, prize draw or other reward type; helping increase customer feedback, loyalty to the business and getting your customers back through your doors sooner (or purchasing more products).

The platform can even help turn-around disillusioned customers - who may have had a bad customer experience - back into loyal followers, by providing the facility to distribute compensatory money-off vouchers/coupons.

Why should we use you - customer satisfaction experts?

Ooh! Review Ltd is backed and funded by one of the UK’s fastest growing international market research agencies, MRFGR.com. Not only do we have a unique system of integrating our survey review software with anonymous messaging, integrated incentives/rewards and an email platform, but we can confidently say that all our team are customer satisfaction experts, having worked in the market research and customer satisfaction field for many, many years. We’re not just a software house, we also live and breathe market research.

We know exactly what you should be asking your customers in respect of the service (or product) you have offered them, and to that end we provide customer feedback surveys ‘tailored’ to your business. Whether you’re a mammoth restaurant chain, a small village nursery, or a gigantuan drinks manufacturer, we have a feedback system for you.

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Unlimited access to Ooh! Review Premium (Enterprise), including an anonymous communication platform, superior integration & advanced account management.

responsive mobile survey
Unlimited responses
Business specific survey
Change/add/delete survey questions
Fully customisable survey theme (colours, fonts, logos and more)
Access to available respondent demographic breakdown
Customer data capture & email contact download
Quarterly download (in the interest of anonymity)
Full analytical insight & graphical interface
Business profile linking to your website (search engine booster)
Add & compare unlimited business locations/products
Assign & manage multiple user access across multi-location or product based businesses
Custom URL oohreview.com/NAME
Google analytics tracking
Google webmaster tools crypt
Bing webmaster tools crypt
Unique QR Code
Digitial marketing media (logos)
Marketing pack - stickers*** (SERVICE BASED BUSINESSES)
+ £5 per pack
Select and include reviews on your website and marketing material
Ooh! Review feedback tab for your website
communicate with anonymous reviewers
Respond/communicate with reviewers
Attach vouchers/coupons to messages
incentivise and/or placate customers and/or advertise with:
Voucher/coupon creation & management
Create 1 per month
Competition draw creation & management
Create 1 per month
PAYG (pay as you go) low cost add-on -
contact all your existing customers & new contacts via the survey platform, including:
Campaign creation & management
Drag & drop template designer
Voucher/coupon/competition embed
Email analytics (emails sent, emails opened, emails clicked, emails rejected)
Contact database upload
Filter and send via demographic breakdown (gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, general location, household income)

Note: All prices are exclusive of VAT/Taxes

*** Marketing packs are generally only distributed to a paid subscriber of a ‘location’ based business as opposed to ‘product’ based businesses. However, if you are a ‘product’ based business and would like the marketing pack please contact us and we will send one out to you.

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